House of Hope Program

Barriers are meant to be broken.

Education. Debt. Livable wages. Childcare. Domestic abuse. Criminal history. These are the barriers that can make it hard to support your family. We know, and we want to help.

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Join the family.

By joining the House of Hope family, you’ll receive:

  • A permanent home for two years.
  • Support and resources for finding work and/or completing an education.
  • Child care.
  • Mentoring for your children.
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Personal case management assistance.
  • Life skills education.

I began to feel in control of my situation again. I no longer was a victim of the circumstances of my life. I was in control of my life, my future, and my family.

We care about you and your children.

After one year in the program:

  • All moms and children have and regularly use a medical provider.
  • All children have up to date immunizations.
  • All school-aged children attend school.
  • 75% of school-aged children read at grade level.
  • All preschool children attend a licensed preschool.

Interested in applying?

Our hope is that you leave the program with the employment and financial stability you need to independently support your family. If you are a homeless single mother with a child (or children) in your custody, are legally and physically able to work, and drug free please we invite you to apply to our program.

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House of Hope is tried, tested, and proven with an 93% success rate.