Growing up is hard.

Transitioning out of foster care is a significant challenge—it requires you to grow up. Fast. We can help make that transition a little easier, and a little less scary, by helping figure out how to live independently.

Join the family.

By joining the Pillars program and House of Hope family, you’ll receive:

  • A permanent home for two years
  • Encouragement and support to achieve independence
  • Individualized case management assistance and support services.
  • Life skills classes, mentoring, and tutoring services


Interested in applying?

If you are currently between the ages of 18-24 and spent time in foster care between the ages of 14-18, you are eligible to apply. We will be accepting applications in the spring of 2018. Enter your email address below to be notified when we’re ready to begin accepting applications.

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House of Hope is tried, tested, and proven with an 86% success rate.