Potential Applicants

Who is eligible for services?

Single mothers experiencing homelessness or at risk for homelessness, and women ages 18-24 who spent time in out-of-home placement as a minor and/or aged out of foster care.

I am homeless. How can I get into the program?

Click here to apply. Once we receive your application, you will be placed on our waiting list and a case manager will contact you to discuss Outreach services until an apartment becomes available at House of Hope, or we can help you secure housing elsewhere.

How long is your wait list?

The wait list is continuously changing based on how long families stay here.

How long can I reside at House of Hope?

Residents can stay for up to two years.

Can I qualify for House of Hope if I don’t have children?

For our single mother program, participants must have children or be in the process of gaining custody. For women without children, ages 18-24 who spent time in out-of-home placement and/pr aged out of foster care, consider applying for our Pillars program for potential residency.

What services will I receive if I am accepted into House of Hope?

House of Hope provides a variety of programs and services designed to help women become truly and completely independent. Please visit the ‘Programs’ tab to learn more about House of Hope programs and services.

Potential Donors

How do I know where my money is going if I donate to House of Hope?

If you view our Donate page, you’ll find a description of average donation amounts and what supplies/services that amount can provide our residents and for how long. All financial support to House of Hope will go directly to providing invaluable services, programs, and resources for single mother families and young women in our community.

How do I know if House of Hope is the right charity for me to support?

Feel free to read our website in detail and learn how House of Hope programs have a generational impact in our community. You will find many of your questions answered throughout our information pages. If you’d still like to learn more, contact us!  We would love to give you a tour and tell you more about how we serve!

How else can I help if I cannot support House of Hope financially?

We have many ways people can get involved in our organization. We are always looking for volunteers, fundraisers, donors (physical donations and financial donations), and potential board members. Please view our informational pages about each to see which is the right fit for you.

How are you funded?

Our programs are funded completely by the community (no state or federal funding!) with grants, fundraising events, in-kind contributions, and individual financial donations, which means fundraising is a necessity. Join our fundraising committee to help plan our annual fundraisers throughout the year.

Are you ready to help empower women of the Cedar Valley?

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