We’ve been working in the Cedar Valley for over 20 years.

In 1995 a group of concerned church leaders in the community formed the Christian Community Development (CCD) to address the growing problem of homelessness among single mothers in the Cedar Valley. Starting with a peer support model, evolving over time into a trauma informed care model, House of Hope has been a support system for hundreds of families who needed the opportunity to land on their feet. Over the years, House of Hope grew from 7 to 10 families.  In June 2018 we opened our doors to a brand new building expanding our services to 15 families!  We also added Pillars, a transitional housing program for 5 women at a time who age out of foster care.

Our Mission

House of Hope provides homeless mothers and women who age out of foster care with individualized support and transitional housing to achieve secure families, independence and permanent homes.

Our vision is to end the cycle of homelessness in the Cedar Valley with respect, empowerment, stewardship and accountability as our core values.

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House of Hope is tried, tested, and proven with an 86% success rate.