Join Our Board


Do you want to help shape our future?

You really do have the power to make a difference in someone’s life. By joining our board, you’ll help us shape the future of House of Hope, as well as oversee operations, finances and policies that help us stay true to our mission.

What is the process for joining?

First, send an email to (the executive director) to let her know you’re interested. She’ll set up a time for you to meet with her and a member of the nominations committee. If it’s a good fit for both sides, you’ll be asked to fill out an application and the board will vote on your nomination.

How many members are currently on your board?

We currently have 15 board members and three open spots.

What is the commitment?

Each term is three years.

How often does the board meet?

The board meets monthly during the noon-hour and each member of the board serves on a committee of their choice (with varying time commitments).

Current Board Members

  • Abby Sears
  •  Lisa Gates
  • Seth Voigt
  • Dr. Staci Cook
  • Patty Cutts
  • Patsy Ott-Pick
  • Amy Eastman
  • Erica Hopper
  • Glen Keith
  • Katy Susong
  • Nicole Sallis
  • Sara McSweeney
  • Tom Richter
  • Traci McCausland

Help us shape the future.

I’m interested in joining the board

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