Dream Team

Wangui Winkelpleck

A Kenyan native, Wangui moved to IA about 10 years ago. She has always been highly interested in women’s issues and enjoys working in an organization that helps address some of them.
In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and 3 kids, visiting with friends and family, and a good book.
Why House of Hope?
Having lived in a highly paternalistic society made me especially sensitive to the challenges that women face simply trying to live their life. HOH has been a welcome breath of fresh air as to the practical solutions for some of those challenges. To see woman after woman garner support in their journey to success has instilled a hope for positive, achievable change, in societies.

Sarah Klemz

Sarah is longtime resident of the Cedar Valley. She brings nearly 10 years of experience working with people, a love of learning, and an interest in helping others. In the spring of 2023, Sarah decided that she wanted to do more and started taking classes towards her Bachelor of Social Work degree. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and digging into her many hobbies.

 Why House of Hope?

I first came to House of Hope as a volunteer. I loved being involved with the programs, from zooming around the playground with kids, to kicking off volunteer projects. I had the opportunity to work with an incredible team with an impactful mission, and I felt a sense of belonging. Our community is stronger with House of Hope, and the community provides the momentum for us to grow. I’m looking forward to joining this momentum and propelling House of Hope’s vision to new heights.

Maddy Baridon

Maddy grew up in Waterloo and graduated from Liberty University with her bachelor’s degree in social work.  In her free time, she loves to kayak and camp with her husband and son or cozy up with a good book.

Why House of Hope?

I am passionate about creating spaces where people are seen and supported in their growth. I love how House of Hope helps women find their power and lean into their strengths to build healthier families and communities.


A Des Moines native, Suzanna recently received her bachelor’s degree in Family Services from UNI. From there, she hit the ground running at House of Hope. In her free time, Suzanna loves reading, music, and socializing with friends.

Why House of Hope?

I am passionate about working with children and providing an environment for children to grow and thrive. House of Hope addresses both the needs of the mothers and their children to impact the family. House of Hope not only empowers the women we serve but they empower me to be the best person and profession I can be.

Brooke Holahan

Brooke has worked with children and families for over 20 years.  She is very active in the community and enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids.  She also enjoys running with her dogs, yoga, and gathering with friends.

Why House of Hope?
I love the way House of Hope breaks the cycle of poverty and homelessness through education and supportive relationships.  I’m very passionate about wellness for the whole family and assisting in long term positive change.  It is a joy to be a witness to a family’s growth and resiliency.

Lindsey Hoogland

Whether directing an after-school program in the city or serving at a healing ministry on a farm in the country, wearing many hats at a theatre/coffeeshop ministry or providing childcare for teenage mothers, Lindsey is passionate about people.  She strives to help them to discover the unique way God created them and to interact with His creation.

Why House of Hope

Since I was 16, I have been on a journey where each piece has been a valuable stepping stone to refining my vision and become who I am. I love being part of the mission of House of Hope and how I am learning who I am in Christ and how He created me to interact with His creation.

Shawna McConaughy

Shawna is a lifelong resident of the Cedar Valley with a desire to help others succeed. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family. When she’s not at work you can usually find her in a bowling center.

Why House of Hope?

I love the mission of House of Hope. I feel strongly about helping break the cycle of homelessness. I wanted to be part of the team that is helping to make that happen in the Cedar Valley.

Susan Backes

Susan was born and raised here in the Cedar Valley. She has over 6 years of experience working with economically challenged children and families, mentoring and teaching financial literacy. Susan loves spending time with her husband, 2 children who are off at college and their pup.

Why House of Hope?

I am passionate about building relationships and believing in a person’s abilities and potential. It’s so rewarding to see, as we call out the good in people, they rise to see new hope in community and themselves!

Lisa Nissen

Lisa has spent the last 24 years working in social services. The Wartburg alum enjoys spending time with her husband, children and horses. You can often find her riding the trails on her days off.

Why House of Hope?
Working with women who want to change their situation, being part of the empowering these families, and getting to see the change is why I am passionate about House of Hope.