Covid-19 Rental Assistance Program- Black Hawk County, Iowa residents only

Thanks to Candeo Church and an anonymous donor and the Black Hawk County Covid-19 Disaster Relief Fund, House of Hope has funding available to assist single moms that have lost jobs or hours due to the COVID19 Pandemic.   

This funding will not cover the full of rent but is designed to help fill the gap based on a percentage of wages lost due to the Pandemic.  All payments will go directly to the Landlords. 

Eligibility for this assistance: 

  • Single mom with at least 1 minor child in her care 
  • Has a current lease in her name 
  • Had been employed before Covid19 pandemic 
  • Lost employment or decreased hours due to pandemic 
  • Priority given to those who have not received rental assistance through this program previously

Documents needed to apply for assistance: 

  • Landlord and employer contact information, along with signed release that we may speak with the landlord and/or employer 

How to Apply: 

  • Please fill out the application below. 
  • Gather all documents requested in the section above and email to 
  • The application is not finalized until all documents are received.   
  • If you do not have access to physical copies or a scanner, screenshots of the documents are accepted via email. 

Questions can be emailed to  


How long will it take? As soon as we are able to review the application and documents. 

Are the funds restricted to Blackhawk County? Yes 


Application for rent assistance for single mothers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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