Empowering Women. Building Futures. Enriching Communities.

We provide a home, a community, and a transformation for single mother families in homelessness and women ages 18-24 who age out of foster care.

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We know you care about our community, too.

Resources—time, money, and energy—are finite things. We know there’s only so much to give, and it’s a leap of faith to give it all, because they are valuable commodities. We’re happy you’re considering our organization.


Buys supplemental food for 10 families for three months.



Administers life skills classes for three months.



Provides a roof and warmth for a family for one night.



Provides a baby with formula and diapers for a week.


To say you’re making a difference is an understatement. You’re changing lives.

House of Hope can help you empower single mothers and give them and their children a chance at self-sufficiency. Break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by providing:

A Home

The effects of homelessness on children are devastating—they often suffer physical, psychological and emotional damage. However, research shows these effects can be reversed. Be part of the solution.

A Transformation

Raising children is hard enough with two incomes and a village. Yet, these women often come to House of Hope without either, and are still expected to raise their children and pay the bills.

A Community

Every woman is expected to obtain a degree or employment to work towards independence—there is no coasting. We have high expectations because we know that these women are capable.

House of Hope is tried, tested, and proven with an 93% success rate.

It is really hard, not having anyone. I like the environment here with you guys. It's like we're a family.


We believe in respect, encouragement and compassion.

If you’re interested in helping us empower women, here’s what you can do:

Give Us a Call

We’d love to discuss our goals with you and show you around House of Hope. Contact Dusky via email or call 319-232-3823 to set up a time to come see us.

Get Involved

Once you’re ready to take the next step, we have four ways for you to get involved: Donate, Fundraising, Volunteer, Join our Board.

It’s about having a fighting chance.

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